Backyard Burger Seasoning and Rub with Organic Fire Starters. Garlic flavor that creates a char on your patty.
Nutrition Facts for Backyard Burger Seasoning, low carb

Backyard Burger Seasoning with Organic Fire Starters: $15 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

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The perfect set for getting that All-American Taste!  

This savory rub is perfect for your hamburger and steak!  Sprinkle generously on the outside of the meat patty before cooking.  Perfect for indoor cooking or on the grill.  Enjoy the flavor of a charbroiled burger anytime!

Nature's Spark Organic Fire Starters are some of the best we have found.  Made from renewable resources; loblolly pine heartwood and natural waxes. 

These fire starters do not contain paraffin or other petroleum products. 
1 package contains: 8 individual fire starters

All our seasonings are MSG, gluten and filler free.

Backyard Burger Ingredients: Garlic, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Sugar, Chili Powder, Onion, Red Pepper, Activate Charcoal, Coriander, Soybean Oil.