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Our Story

Family Seasoning Company

Our story begins with a passion for cooking that runs deep within our family. Deron, a true culinary enthusiast, was introduced to the art of making his own Texas BBQ and smoked meats by Jen's grandfather and her dad. Inspired by their wisdom and expertise, Deron embarked on a journey to create something truly special. That's how Deron's Miracle Meat Dust™ came to life.

Together with his son Matt, Deron spent countless hours mixing and testing seasonings, searching for the perfect blend that would elevate their BBQ creations to new heights. The result was a secret recipe that would make mouths water and taste buds dance with delight.

As they shared their culinary creations with family and friends, Deron's special chicken and pork loin recipe quickly became a crowd favorite. The delicious aroma and irresistible flavors were always met with joy and requests for more. It was in those moments of gathering and savoring good food that Deron realized the true essence of his creations.

Driven by the love for BBQ and the joy it brings, Deron's Miracle Meat Dust™ aims to create unforgettable experiences and lasting memories. Seeing our customers share their culinary masterpieces using our custom blends fills us with excitement and gratitude. We believe that good people and good food are the perfect ingredients for great memories.

From our family to yours, we sincerely hope that you enjoy our seasonings as much as we do. As Deron and Jen continue to explore the breathtaking Texas hill country and all the culinary wonders it has to offer, they invite you to join them on this flavorful journey. Let Deron's Miracle Meat Dust™ be the secret ingredient that adds a touch of something special to your cooking and creates moments of pure culinary bliss.

The Reid Family
Deron's Miracle Meat Dust™